problem with moving character after creating a walk cycle

Hi. i am facing an annoying problem and any help would be much appreciated.

heres the problem:
i created a simple walk on the spot, walk cycle then converted it into an NLA strip and when i try to make the character move aswell i encounter problems.

i realised that i cannot just add a location keyframe for all bones at the beginning and end of the animation as then he would no longer be walking.

i then realised you are supposed to use the root bone. but i messed up the rigging and just use the root bone to move the character while the hands and feet stay in place due to IK rigging.
i fixed this by parenting the feet, hands, elbow poles and knee poles to the root with connected unchecked. i can now use spine.1 to move character while feet and hands remain in place and root to move entire character etc while everything works fine the walk cycle in the nla editor is messed up. i tried copying key poses or adding them to pose library to recreate the walk cycle but that just copied the messed up poses. i am now faced with having to manually re pose and keyframe the walk cycle which would work fine but it would take ages and i had already perfected the previous walk cycle.

any suggestions? maybe use the messed up rig with working walkcycle for now and find another way to move character? any i deas would be welcome. many thanks to all.

I would throw away the animation and rigging and do it again. Chances are you won’t make the same mistakes that backed you into a corner this time.

ok thanks thats what i did. i still cant figure out how to move him forwards with the walkcycle tho. other than just manually grabbing the root bone and moving him forwards about as much as i guess would be right. and doing that for each step is a pain. and looks terrible. and theres alot of steps. ive pretty much given up on that for now and am animating different parts of my shoooort film instead. i spent days glued to the screen with hundreds of tabs open and couldnt find a single solution. it seems stride bones used to be the way to go but they dont exist anymore. im on dial up so cant use youtube or anything and i cant find anything about making a walkcycle move forwards. there was stuff about using graphs but they didnt go into how to do it so im stuck and confused and wish again that i had broadband. life would be so much easier. i swear id be a ton better at this with access to all the video tutorials out there… theres not many written ones available. especially for making a walk cycle go forwards. theres all these tutorials on how to make a simple walk cycle and none on how to actually use the damn things. but oh well. i shouldnt complain. and i am thankful for each tutorial i stumble accross. damn i have been ranting and blabbering on for a while now aye, like i think im just talking to myself or something… lol so ill shuddup for now…