Problem with MS3D export.

Earlier this week i shared a model with my friend using the MS3D exporter that comes with blender. I have applied scale and rotation data to the object and also trianqulized the mesh (CTRL-T). When my friend opened the MS3D file with milkshape, The model had no faces and was only visible via the wireframe view. He also was unable to save or edit the file.

Does anyone know what this is all about and how to fix it?

We already tried a few things like installing some custom graphical fixes and stuff but none of them seem to work.

“bump bump”.

If you could provide a sample non-working .blend and the exported file it would be easier to check what’s wrong.
If Milkshape accepts it, I recommend collada format instead.

If you promise that you won’t distribute the models i can PM them to you.