Problem with multiple linked files

Hi guys:

I’m working for an internation visualization company called Vyonyx ( and I’m triying to make them consider working with Blender.

I’m making an example with the same workflow we use in Max but with Blender, but I’m having problems linking different files into one big main scene.

We usually work with different files for different elements (enviroment, buildings, context buildings, vegetation, ect) and we link them into a main one with the camera and lighting. This way different people in the office can work at the same time in one project.

The closest thing I’ve found to work with different files is to use Scenes and link them, but I can only see one linked Scene at once.
Does anyone know how to easily link different files into one main file?

Note: I know I could just link the objects from the different files, but this is not an option since all the linked files use to have lots of different objects (slabs, glass, ect, ect…)

Thanks in advance for the help!

I still haven’t found the answer… but I think probably I asked the question wrongly. Here I go again (hopefully clearly):

Does anyone wich is the best way of linking various files into one main file?
What I want is to have some files with different staff (enviroment, cars, vegetation) and link them all in one main file with the illumination and render configuration.

Does anyone know how the Sintel team archived this in the film?

Thank you all in advance!

Thanks very much Richard.
Indeed, the link you sent was the answer for my problem: creating groups and linking them between the different files.

It’s just a pity you can’t “refresh” the linked files when someone does a change to that file; you can only close and reopen Blender to make all of them refresh.

Thanks very much another time.