Problem with multiple materials

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I’m just practicing on my model (I’m a total beginner in 3d modelling and just trying some features) And now I tried to make a Sub Surface Scattering with 3 layer method (backscatter, subdermal and epidermal) and when I made backscatter, it rendered fine, but when I added a new material in a new material slot (subdermal) and clicked render, it only showed backscatter. In other words, only the first material in the slot is showed, and I can’t make visible other ones. What am I doing wrong? I watched some tutorials, and followed them carefully to fix this, and nothing…

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Are you talking about materials or textures ? AN object can have multiple materials but each individual face of the mesh can only have one material. A material can consist of multiple textures that can be set to influence various characteristics of the material

I’m talking about material, or an object having multiple materials at once. I saw this is possible, so that’s why I’m asking. Here on 19:55 and so on, you can see that he applied another material, and in the render, all materials were visible. How?

Here is the picture. As you can see, in the video guy has also like this, 2 material, and I can’t render, and he can render successfully. To me, only Subdermal appears in render, and Backscatter not. It only renders 1 material, why?


When he changes from Backscatter to Subdermal, you can see he changes the values. Now when he renders, there is no backscatter anymore. Of course, because he deleted it from the material the object uses.
At around of that video 24:44 he’s done with the layers, and adds a new material. Then he uses material nodes to add the three different SSS materials into one.
The object still uses just that top material, but that’s now a composite of the three others, using the nodes.

So there is no Backscatter material involved in second render when he’s rendering Subdermal at 21:10? I thought all the time that he’s using those 2 materials together, but he doesn’t, or I missed something? Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s what it looks like to me, yes. He copies the backscatter to a different material setting, but that one doesn’t apply to the model. He’s then just setting up the subdermal. And when he’s done setting them all up, he combines them using the node setup.

Thank you very much! You were absolutely right. When I made All three layers, I combined them all in node setup, that was the trick… Now it’s working, and it turned out pretty good, but I need to play with it even more because I have never done this before, but actually it’s really fun to do :slight_smile:
So here it is, I never knew what this mode can do, and now when I know, I realised it’s a cool feature :slight_smile: