problem with my mesh baking

Hello I was wondering if I could have some help…

I am trying to bake a mesh like a wall, but, when imported into UDK, is missing parts of it shown here on this file.

I slightly know how to bake the mesh but I just wanted to know the correct way of baking it properly.


i think is a face normal problem… try to go in edit mode and recalute normal. are you use ase or fbx to export?

IT seems your mesh faces are inverted, check each of them and export.
Since its a simple mesh, export it via blender builtin fbx exporter. you can also use McCampginin ase exporter

@rebellion I am using .ase to export my models into UDK.
@dukejib I’ll have another check at the faces and try the .fbx export.

Thanks you guys, I’ll check back if I encounter more problems.

if you use ase remember to disable, when exporting, make normal consistent! otherwise it will re flip the normal