Problem with my person in newb to pro

After making a person there is some flats spots behind his arms and a weird line on his leg. Any ideo on how to fix this?


maybe you make mirros mor then one direction (e.a. x,y)

can you post the blend?

Ne-mo how would you do this is there a hot key?
Wysiwyg what you mean post where I got the blend from. If that is what you are looking for it is in the wiki section of newb to pro detailing a person 1 and 2.

no i mean to upload your blend file here to so i can download it and take a look at it.

Ohh im sory dude. I will get at it tonight. I also noticed when I put some bones on when I moved the right hand where the flat spot was it stayed there and the rest of the arm moved (wierd). Im just starting to learn this and having fun at it. Is there any other books that you think will be good for me other then then wiki’s newb to pro one?

when i was well on my way to learning blender, i discovered the Blender Basics book. i was like, “I wish someone pointed this out to me when i started!” it seems like a very good book that goes thru the basics of a lot of stuff, it seemed to me like an excellent place to get started. there is a mistake on page 17 though that i noticed when i was flipping thru it, so let me know if you use it and get stuck there.

I was going to try and post my blend last night but ran into some other things ill try again tonight by the way how do you post it just incase I dont know how to?

Just looked at that book it looks awsome. I might start on that book tonight the noob to pro one just seems so incomplete for me. From here where should I go? The mistake on page 17 what is it?

Just tried to import the blend and dont know how to.

to upload the blend, click “Go Advanced” under the “Quick Reply” box. then click on the little paperclip icon. note that your blend file can only be 970 kilobytes or so. if you need more space i recommend pasteall.

As for the Blender Basics book, I’m glad you find it useful! the mistake is that it says when you add a new object it automatically switches to Edit Mode. this only applied to older versions of blender, now it stays in object mode. it seems he must have forgotten to change that when he updated it. its not a huge error but it can make things confusing for beginners. I don’t know your level of knowledge but if you’re modeling like that i guess you probably figured that much out…whatever! :wink:

Hope this helps, feel free to ask!

Let me know if this works.


person.blend (152 KB)

All fixed up. Tips: avoid triangles use only quads, use a mirror modifier when modeling so you only have to do one side, use uv spheres. Watch every tut on I mean it every one. Then watch them all again.

Oh and

Study the difference between your mesh and this fixed one.


person.blend (136 KB)

Yup, everything NOOBIE said is correct. i just want to add that you had many doubled vertices there, not sure if you knew that. doubled vertices will cause problems and should be avoided, unless youre using them to sharpen edges. thats why it was flat on one side of the hands.

with regard to blendercookie, yes its an awesome site and really worth it to check it out, but maybe learn a little more of the basics first, and do just beginner tutorials for now.

Ya it is a great site but like you said going to learn the basics first just got done doing the lighthouse textures in the blender site you sent me. When you guys are talking about mirror the imaging your kinda losing me there can you explain more on this and how to do this? also is there and way on doing with less vertices rather figer it out now then having more problems with it later on down the road?

theres a modifier called the “Mirror” Modifier that will mirror your mesh along an axis to create a perfect mirror image. for symmetrical things like your person, heads, cars, etc, its a very useful tool.
im assuming you know about the blender wiki? not a tutorial but is basically the “User Manual” of blender. if theres a tool that you dont know how to use, search it there. great reference.