Problem with my rig

The problem is that when i bend the legs, the stomach also bends, which it shouldn’t be doing. No weights are on it, except for the ones that should be on it. I don’t really know a way out of this. Any help/feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Why have you not supplied a link to your .blend file. You should do this for ALL support questions at the very minimum

yes. you should supply a link to your blend file to get better results

Do not depend on the color gradations in Weight Painting to show small vertex weights that can cause such issues. You can use the Object Data/Vertex Groups tools to completely Remove vertices from a group, and allso inspect individual vertices for weight assignments in the 3D Window/Properties panel (Nkey) in the Vertex Groups section. I think you will find a few unexpected weights on the problem vertices.

Sorry, I’m quite new here, and I just didn’t think about that :D, but here it is, i’ll know from now on.

Thanks @chipmasque, i’ll try that right now.

Your model is not the same as that in the first post unless you hid the faces. Anyway the vertices being moved are ffected by the weight of the Leg bone

Take a look at this. If you put your armature in weight paint mode, (select your armature and put it in pose mode, shift select your mesh and control tab to weight paint mode. Go to options and click on active. Any zero weights will show up black. Anything else means you put weight on it. Yours show blue in a lot of areas.