Problem with my user name...

Whenever I try to log into my user name here on elysiun, it says

You have specified an incorrect or inactive username or an invalid password

Apparently I registered on 30 Jan 2004, according to the userlist, but I don’t remember doing so. (I might have though). So I’ve gone to the “I forgot my password” thing, and put in my username and email address. I got back the error message
[code}Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information

What on earth does that mean?  And is there any way to make my account active?
(my user name is normally "paroneayea")

Oh, right. I did try registering, not realizing that I had apparently already been registered. It kept resetting the email address and password fields.
See, my user name is apparently already registered, and even to my email address.When I try to use “I forgot my password” it tells me that my account is inactive.
But if I just put in any bogus user name and email address, it says that the user name is invalid / the email address does not match. So I know I have the right email address linked up with my already registered user name. Maybe I got a confirmation email that i never replied to…

Ah… I didn’t notice this sticky before… but I suspect that’s what my problem is. Sorry if I made a dupe…