Problem with my web page (New problem occured)

Before seeing this check the new problem in my last post

Hey everyone. I started a site in yahoo geocities

here it is:

I created it with an HTML editor I created in Visual Basic 6.

Well the problem with my site is that the background colour is too dark when you view the site with mozilla firefox (you can’t see the letters due to this).The problem occurs no matter what background colour value I specify. Any ideas?

(The site was created using HTML)

I suggest you change:

<BODY bgcolor="rgb(100,200,750)">

This should suffice:

<BODY bgcolor="#64C8FF">

EDIT: Sorry, Jeeves posted when I was typing. Use his way.

You need to set colors with their hexadecimal value. The color you set in your code: rgb(100,200,75) would look like this in the body tag:

<body bgcolor="#64C84B">

And please, please refrain from using Comic Sans as a font on your page. It’s almost too painful.

I just noticed something else.

<BODY bgcolor="rgb(100,200,750)">

How would a browser interpret that 750? As a 255?

Man… I lose for speed in this game :).

me too.

but i have never seen that rgb thing. where did you get that from? or is it an internal function that is bad?

The things you suggested worked.I want to thank everyone. :smiley:

However I want to ask why should I avoid using Comic Sans font on my site and with font should I replace it ?

Also I don’t like the colour my website is right now(although it improved)can you suggest me other nice colour values


Tahoma and Verdana are both good [regular] fonts, going for Times is kind of annoying to me personally [serifs must die!!! letters don’t need feet]

That about sums it up… although I might have phrased it a bit differently. Basically, I’ve never once seen Comic Sans used in a way that didn’t look cheap, amatuerish, and forced. If you want something to look hand-written, then write it by hand. Otherwise, you’re just adding something that detracts from the readability of the entire piece.

Granted, maybe you can be the one person who can make that font look good, but I’m not holding my breath (not a slight against you or anything… I’d say the same thing to anyone else).

This page: has a handy color tool to help you construct color schemes (sets of color that compliment each other, and work well together.)

Another handy tool is ColorSchemer. I would also recommend looking thru their tutorial that explains color relationships.

Hope this helps…

Hey guys we have a new problem here :I try to add a picture to my page with the <img scr=“mypic.jpg”> but the picture does not appear.This happens both in my pc and the uploaded version of my website. :frowning:

Any ideas ?
This one too.

SmaTheGreek: Well, first of all, it’s:

<img src = “mypic.jpg”>

(not scr)

Another problem could be the relative location of the html file and the image. Either make sure to use absolute location (e.g. (not a real link)), or make sure the image is in the same folder as the html file.

Yes ! Yes thank you lemmy :smiley:
My mistake was that I wrote src as scr.Man you saved me.Thanks

Maybe looking at some websites that describes HTML-syntax might help a lot 8)