problem with nodes, rendering and layers.

hello, all.
i’m making now a scene with a radioactive capsule (made the effect with the node editor) but now i only see a shadow and no blur or capsule.
here a picture of the nodes : (backdrop is the end-picture)

and now the 3D view (as you can see i used 2 layers at one layer is the capsule with light but now they are all two selected to render, normaly that capsule in another layer) :
and the render result (down you can see the shadow but no blur or capsule):

From what I can see your node setup looks alright, and so do the settings on “RenderLayer”. Which layer is the “RenderLayer.001” set to?

I don’t know if you have or not, but if you move the capsule to a different layer after setting up the render layers, it won’t automatically change the render layer settings to match. For instance, in my example cube scene, I set up “RenderLayer.001” to render objects in the second layer (the glowing cubes). Just now I moved the glowing cubes to the fourth render layer, but “RenderLayer.001” is still set to render the second layer which no longer has any objects in it, therefore it’s only rendering the shadows.

I’m not sure if that would be the reason why the capsule isn’t in the render, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

the capule is in the 4th layer.

Thanks, what I meant though, was I just wanted to double check that the “RenderLayer.001” was still set to render the layer that the capsule was on (the fourth layer in this case).

The reason why I was wondering is, if “RenderLayer.001” was accidentally set to a different layer than the capsule was on, it would just render the shadow of the capsule instead of the capsule itself. Could you upload a picture of the “RenderLayer.001” settings panel (the one under the Render settings tab)?