Problem with normal baking.

Hello, I’ve been trying for awhile to get over the hurdle of a learning curve that comes with 3d modelling/texturing. So far I’ve gotten basic texturing down but wanted to look into “Baking.” I followed this tutorial: to no avail, I’ve played around a bit. Tried finding more help on the matter, basically it’s not working. This is what’s happened:
It doesn’t seem to actually be baking at all since on the texture/normalmap you can only actually see blue, there is no variation in colour whatsoever. There are also those funny lines that might offer some clues, I’m not really sure. Any ideas?

I am unfamiliar with that tutorial, but from your image I can see that you have the Normal Map option turned off (Bottom middle section…on the Map Image tab). Also make sure you have the “Nor” setting checked on in the Map To tab (under F5). If that still doesn’t fix it, make sure your “Nor” slider is high enough (located on the same tab).