problem with normal uglyness when scaling object/armature bones

  1. I have a wallet that I modeled… I ended up joining the things inside the wallet ( credit cards, photo, cash) so basically I have this one object.

  2. I then have 2 bones set up that allow me to pose the wallet opening and closing.

  3. I then have the 2 bones and the wallet parented to an empty.

  4. I have appended these items into a new scene … but I have to scale everything way down.

When I first append the objects at full size and render … everything looks great, but as soon as I scale down using the empty there becomes big ugly normal problems.

-I tried recalculating normals, and also tried applying the scale on the empty after I scaled it down… neither of those two worked.

-I guess what really is baffling me … is as soon as I make the empty go back to original scale, everything looks great again.

Any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can fix it?

could you provide a screen shot of the normal issue? does it look like jagged edges on your shadows?

Actually Modron… I deleted the appended items, and reappended, and for whatever strange reason, it didn’t have the problem after I did that. I was able to scale the empty down to the size I needed it.

I have a feeling, it probably wasn’t a good idea to join all this stuff in the wallet possibly… I know for a fact I have duplicate verts from doing that, and on one of my tests, I removed doubles and then it got REAL ugly :slight_smile:

But the normal uglyness was showing in a number of places not just the shadows. But thank you for your help anyway.