Problem with normals, hard edges

I have this problem after doing the bake with both marmoset and substance painter gives me the same problem on the lines.

Am I doing something wrong on blender? maybe at the time of export?

What does the mesh look like in edit mode? Have you marked sharp edges or made sure the mesh is closed and doe.s not have any overlaping geomatry?

You ought to use a cage for this bake.


edit mode

How to make it?

The lazy way? Just copy the low poly and add a little Displace on it so that it envelops the high-poly.
But since that’s the lazy way it may not always be perfect, so you may have to go the non-lazy way, apply the Displace and do some manual adjustments :slight_smile:

The attached example uses a normal map for ease of illustration, but it applies to other maps too. It’s been baked without a cage and you should immediately see the breaks along the edges. The bake is already set up to use a cage. Hit Bake and you’ll see the breaks disappear.

baking_with_cage.blend (1.4 MB)

I don’t know but it don’t work…
Big door.blend (2.3 MB)

Can you help me?

Ok, so the reason for this is not actually the cage, but your UVs. Take a look:

Those breaks come from aliasing in the bake. To fix it, you need to make sure that:

  1. Every sharp edge in your low poly is also a UV seam. This will prevent neighboring faces from bleeding over the edge.
  2. Your UV seams in the UV space are as straight as possible, either horizontally or vertically. This directly reduces aliasing - straight vertical and horizontal lines don’t suffer from it.

So, make a better unwrapping. Make sure that all sharp edges are also seams. Use TexTools add-on to Rectify the arches and turn them into straight quad strips.

This comes at the cost of a little bit of distortion, but on hard surface like this edges are more important.

Thanks so much, I solved it like you said :slight_smile: