problem with NURBS surface skinning

Hi out there!
Im new to Blender and tried the Skinning tutorial (create a sailboat) from the blenderguide book in a bit different way. I wanted to have my shape aligned in a circle (from top view). All worked fine, but somewhere I missed a part of the skin?! I wouldnt been surprised that much if it had been at the end / start shape, but it was somewhere - I don`t know !?

I found it hard to explain - with my bad english - so I got a Pic at -> vince log -> NURBS Konstuktion#1 which maybe helps to understand my problem.

If someone have an idea or another way to solve these problem, Iwould be glad - thanx


i’m not quite sure what’s going on there,…but you might be able to fix it by going into the ray buttons in materials and turning down the raymir depth to 2 or 3.

Your problem is that the NURBS are open (as opposed to closed). You need to make sure the NURBS are closed before you join and skin them.

I think the curves were closed but you need to apply (in edit mode) Endpoint U/V (or maybe Uniform U/V, it depends on what you’ve done to the curve during construction) to close the surfaces.


Thanks a lot for your early reply!
I still dont really understand the Endpoint / Uniform U/V functions, so I guess I try out a bit first!, I think this could have caused my problem, Ill see!
But thanks a lot,


o. k. problem solved! i didn`t know that i need to press the “C” key to make a cicle… !