problem with object /materials

hello i have a big problem … if i duplicate an object the 2 objects I have now are seen as one object like in the 2 screenshots below

now what i want is that to change material/ color of the 2 objects differently :confused:

thanks for your help in advance

They’re both using the same material. So go the F5-tab and if you see a number after you material name, press that. It pops up a question “OK - Single user”, press that. Now they are two different materials.

If you don’t see the number, you have linked duplicates made with alt-d. Then you go first to the F9 tab to separate the meshes. There you see something like “ME: Cube” and a number after that. Press the number, press the question, and go to part 1 of my reply.

Hope it makes sense.

:confused: it doesnt work…the problem is that he sees the 2 objects as one … is there not any way to seperate them !?:confused:

but thanks for your help anyway

Yep, you can always seprate them.

  1. Go to Edit mode.
  2. Deselect everything
  3. Select all vertices of the second object (the one that appears to be above for example)
  4. Press “P”. And then select “Selected”.

That’s all!:wink:

YEHAAA !!! thanks buddy … this was a big big problem for me … thanks again