Problem with object track - assigning object constraints

I am using some sample footage (woman with the markers on her face tilting her head) to play with the motion tracking (and learn about it). I have been able to track marks as well as some additional points. When I create a 3D object, then set the constraints to the object solver the object is gone.
Here is what I am doing:

  • Track the points as an object and solve them. I get an Average Solver error of 1.08. I set the sensor to 6 and tried focal length of 35 and 20.
  • In the 3D scene I align the camera to the front view
  • I Set the footage as background (from the Movie Clip Editor)
  • I click on the Link Empty to Track button to get the empties to appear in the 3D view
  • On the first frame I create a plane, position and size it to fit on her forehead. (Check top, front, side views to make sure it is in the location of the markers.
  • I add a constraint to the object and select the tame of the track I created for the object.
  • When I do this the plane is now gone from view. It seems to put it behind the camera (have to switch to overhead view to find it). I then have to move it back into position.

Here is where I have had a couple different things happen. The most current is that the item is small and I can;t seem to re-size it.
The other problem I was having is that it would be the correct size, however, on several frames the location of the object would move to a different spot well off camera. I deleted and created different objects all had the same problem. Because of the this I created a new scene and I am getting the problem above.

I am sure I am missing a step some where, just not sure what it is. On a side note, I started doing this with the Blaster Walk. I was able to match the camera movement with no problem, add static items to the scene, but had the same issue when trying to replace the blaster so I decided to try just the head thinking it would be easier.