Problem with objects assigned to bones

hi BlenderArtists community

I’m about to build my very first animateable character in blender and after a ton of tutorials i finally started to understand how a rig worked. the rig was built quickly but the automatic weights cause some problems

not only is the automatic weight thing a mess but also the stuff parented to bones doesn’t seem to work properly. When i looked at the problem closely i realised that the mesh was moving too fast. EXACTLY twice as fast to be precise (you can try that if you set the influence to .5 on the copy rotation constraint of the head.

Q1: why is the automatic assigning such a mess
Q2:why doesn’t the mesh follow the bones properly

to clarify my problem i attached the blend file. MarkartB–r.blend
(ignore the messy weightpainting)

Thanks for any help

thanks. found the solution in this forum. the problem was that there were two armature modifiers applied on the mesh