Problem with opening crate

Hey :D.
Here is an rpg game I recently started.
The problem is if you go inside the house open the crate by pressing space bar. Then close the crate by clicking a little button down the bottom right hand corner, move away from it, then back towards it, it opens automatically which I dont want to happen. That may sound a bit confusing, take a look at the file and see what I mean.
Any help with how to fix it would be great.
Cheers :D.

The near sensor’s linked to the action, so every time it’s near it triggers. You simply need to sever that connection so it’s only ever triggered by the keyboard. Like So.

It’s looking to be a good game, by the way.

Lol that was pretty simple.
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EDIT. no that made a problem you can open the crate anywhere which defantly shouldnt happen

Ive tryed a different way take a look. The problem is once youve opened it once you cant open it again unless you go outside. How do I fix that? There is a menu now and its got a gold botton in it if you click that it says ‘Current gold: 25’ (thats the starting amount) so in the box ive put 6 gold I want it to go up 6 when you click it. How would I do that?

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Has anyone had a look at the file?
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Wups, my defence is sleeplessness.
Your problem now is that the counter keeps going up, as the Timer remains True, so the counter never equals 1 after the first exit; that problem’s easy enough to fix, the problem I’ve been trying to correct now is the keyboard sensor seems to bool trigger without renewing the response when the near sensor’s active; It’s a weird glitch I’ve not come across before, it seems inexplicable, but doubtlessly somehow related to your logic brick setup.

Anybody with superior knowledge of this problem, feel free to step in; I don’t think I’ll manage to crack this any time soon.

Well it would be great if anyone told me how to fix it. Also I would like to get that gold to work.
Cheers :D.

Anyone know how to fix the property

I think I have it set how you want it. You can open the crate you can reopen it again, the gold goes into you inventory, and also, when you take the gold from the crate and go back in, there is no gold left. Have a look and let me know if it is what you are looking for.

There are still some bugs, but its a start for you. :smiley:

Sorry its taken so long to reply, my internet has been out for a while.
That file is great but for some reson im not sure why the gold dosent go into the inventory.
Maybe I need to download something to get it to work?

Sorry about that. Uploaded the wrong file… :S… Here is the right one. It is the same link.
Any questions please ask, or if you need more help. :smiley:

Hmm… i think it would be a matter of setting a timer and a property, so that every time you open a chest… ANY chest, it starts a 1 minute timer or so, that automatically resets the closed/open staus of the property, to closed again, after its been opened! that way it just stays open for a while and you dont have to worry about closing it cause it will close on its own. then the only way you can activate the open property is with the near sensor, so none of the other ones open when you do open the one your next to… did that make any sence?


Yeah thats good apart from when I move away, if I move back towards it it opens automatacaly same with picking up the dagger and opening the door.
How do I fix that.

Yeah, but not with the open close property you can set a value to it. so when you click spacebar to open it, it sets the value to 1. when the value is 1 it activates a timer that automatically sets the vlaue back to 0 after a time, which is closed… will work on your blend to show you.
not the add or subtract, but the set to. I did something similar with a space sim I made, if I press the 5 key it sets my speed to five specified by the moving property. when I press the 0 key it sets the valure to 0 for the moving property which is stop. you see?

Sorry but you may have to show me how to do that. Here is the file maybe do an example on that.
PS. Thanks for all the help you have given me so far.

Hey Ive got a new question and that is how would I go about making a tree? I want quite a real looking tree but not to high poly, if anyone knows a tutorial that would be great.

Ok never mind I have made a tree which is a bit to detaited so I made a 2d one which when you got close to it it changed to the 3d one. But there is a problem with that, the 3d one appers on a weird angle and is in the air. Also I want it so when you move away the 2d one go’s back. Also I want the 2d one to always stay flat with the camera. If that dosent make any sense here is the file. Thanks for any help.
Cheers :D.

Hey again.
okay I got the tree working good and Im preaty happy with how it looks, but I need it so that the 3d tree turns back to the 2d tree when you get further away again. Here is the file, thanks for any help.