problem with opening DXF-files in mac OSX (blender 2.34)


i’m new to blender. as i tried opening existing dxf-files generated with vectorworks or cinema4d there was a “read error”.
what am i doing wrong. i tried to open a sample dxf-file from “” and it opened without a problem.
is there something specific about generating dxf-files on a mac?

thanks for help


DXF files come in all sorts of types… and only a few are compatible with blender.

If you can open it in another program… why not change it into a .obj and open that in blender. There’s a little script somewhere that opens .obj without any problems. don’t ask me where to find it though :wink:

most of the useful scripts are already build right in (2.34). see the file>>import menu.

btw, i find it strange that c4d-exported dxf’s don’t work - usually c4d prodces clean files that can be read by most other apps. try .obj or .vrml instead.


i tried vrml. can be opened.