problem with paintweighting

Respected people , i am newbee to blender and this forum too and trying to switch from maya to blender in rigging . may be this questions seems dead simple to you all ,but i have no other way to find the answer.
My Problems are :

  1. In maya if we paint weight on one side of the bone (jawbone, hip,spine,head) we can easily mirrior to other side .but i didn’t get any sort of link to solve this ,for better understanding see the below image.

  2. The method i came across is by TURN ON of X MIRROR , TOPOLOGY MIRROR and when we paint on left side of the character it get automatically painted on the right . but i faced with another problem ,that is when we apply certain amount of weight on left side ,same amount is not getting applied on right side .

    all your help benifit me a lot.

Look at (T) Tools > Auto Mirror where you can setup mirroring