Problem with parent armature

I have created an armature for a car(downloaded from somewhere), when I select first the armature and then all the parts of the car and press ctrl+ P and then “make parent to”: armature, a window pops up saying “create vertex groups?”. I’ve heard that you should press “don’t create vertex groups”, but it doesn´t work as well as with the other options. The only thing that happens is that the window moves as I try to press it. In addition after this is done, when I use an other application and then goes bak to blender the whole program is black except for the “create vertex group” window.

It works just fine if I use the armature on a single mesh, but when I use several meshes, I get this problem. I could have made it a single mesh but then I loose the different textures.

How can I solve this? Please help me!!!:slight_smile:

OK, I do not know what the problem with using another application, and returning to blender with a black screen… What version of blender are you using?

You should be able to combine the meshes into one mesh without loosing textures. One mesh can have several textures, but I’m not the best at textures and uv mapping.

If your mesh is several different parts, you might want to consider just parenting the parts to the bones in the armature. Say you have a bone for each wheel, select a wheel in object mode, shift-select the armature, enter pose mode and make sure the bone you want is selected, then ctrl-p -> parent object to bone. It’s how I rig anything mechanical that is made of several different parts.