problem with parenting and tracks


I’m currently working on a game but i have got some problems with my moving objects (MOb) like enemies. The MObs are pointing (actuator: EditObject/TrackTo) to an empty and they are always moving forward. When they are touching a cube around the empty they will point to the next empty, moving to it and so on. The MOb has an object as a child which is always pointing to the player. Now the problem: when the MOb is rotating (moving to the next empty) the child isn’t pointing to the player any longer. Somehow the child is influenced by the rotation of his parent. You can get a file which demonstrates the problem here: You are the object in the middle (controll it with cursor-keys) and the MOb is the same looking object in the right corner. The pointing child is the arrow on the MOb. Has anyone an idea how to make the pointer always pointing correctly to the player? (if possible with logic-bridges, i’m just learning how to use the python-script in GameBlender)


The whole point of parenting is that all children get rotation and translation from the parent. What you want to do is use a vertex-parent instead.

Instead of ctrl-P, use ctrl-alt-p. Then it will only copy translation.

hmmm, i haven’t looked at your file but, have you tried having the child track to the player? It can be done with logic bricks by selecting child and setting

always>and>edit object>track to>name of player.

I don’t know if that will mess with your other setups or not.

vertex-parent was the solution :smiley: I’ve always thought that vertex-parent is only useful when I’m using morphing objects.
Thaks a lot, saluk :smiley: