Problem with particle system folowing a path.

Well let me explain, i like a narrow commet like light trail, the commet folows a weird nurbs path
my frame rate is 24fps
But the nurbs path is long, so per frame my emitor does move quite fast.
This moving happens per frame and thus per new frame new particle blobs are made, who then later spread out.
But i dont want these blobs, i want it to be a smooth distributed particle system, despite my particle emiter moves fast.

i have 40.000 particles set up as newton object based
The partical speed from the normal is low + a random factor, since i want a narrow trail,
And life time is set random, so after 2 blobs it does start to begin look better, but these blobs are so weird, i dont like them

I use newton based object paricles, in an eurler system with 11 subframes ( i think thats a lot)… but i dont see the effect of the subframes. I think it then should release particles also in these 11 subframes.

any ideas on how to improve a fast moving particle emitor folowing a path ?
So distribution gets more nicely distributed over the path

Is your Cache Step set to 1; if not set it to 1 and see if that improves it.

don it but not much improvement, i now eanbled motion blut, but thats improving it only a little.