Problem with physics and forces

Im trying do make a little game with a walking character, so far i managed to give the character a walking animation and now i set up the forces and key-controls in my game. This all works kind of.

My problem now: Sometimes the character gets “stuck to the floor” somehow or it gets too fast, or the whole movements start to shake.

I tried to fix all that with damping-gravity-forces changings…but it didnt stop the shaking.

I dont know what causes that, so does anyone had similar problems and solved them? Thanks für all the help… :smiley:

Well I dont know whats up with the floor shaking but for the other problem about the charecter getting stuck maby this old example I made could help you out :

If not you could also uplaod your .blend and people here will fix it up.
Unless some1 else had this problem before and they fixed it. Help out :wink:

Well I got to get ready for school :frowning: lol

thx a lot, but i found out that it works if i use the blender publisher for testing the game engine…hmm i dont like publisher very much but it works, so im glad…but anyway, thanks for the example…

No problem I am just making example’s for people that use blender :smiley: