Problem with pinball

I’m trying to create a simple pinball game (the layout is as seen in the attached screenshot). I’m new to blender physics and game engine, so I’m using just the basic commands found in the logic panel.

So far, I’ve been able to set up the objects, and interactively control the plungers and flippers. However, the boundaries of the table seem to not work sometimes. The ball goes flying outside of the table (as seen in screenshot) through the walls, as if there is no obstacle.

Can someone help with this pls??


??? quite vague as a problem?
Anyway, as Master Erwin says ( Bullet creator) if your ball it’s too fast and/or walls
too thin the physics engine will have a bad time calculating the collision.

Hey OTO… i guess that is the problem. Just did some more research. Looks like the ball is moving too fast for the engine to properly calculate collisions. I’ll keep at it. Hopefully, it’ll come out as planned. :slight_smile: Thanks for ur help.


import PhysicsConstraints

OTO? how would you make the walls thicker? Make a box instead of a plane?

Bump, Oto??? please explain

Yes OTO Explain Please! If it’s by adding another wall slightly bigger than the first, the ball usually gets stuck between the two.