Problem with plains

I was making this fps game when i notice that i went through ths plain and through the walls any idea why?And how to fix it.

“on that” fps game, you probably forget to enable “collision” ( weird, it’s “on” by default?!), so, enable “collision” for all the desired faces!

thx that helped alot!:RocknRoll::ba:

how do you add collision thing

What’s “collision thing” ?

Then why you posted “thx that helped alot”?

Ya get edi thingo you go and edit uv face kno enabe colisio thingy copy you kno.

Did you understand something?

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To do what you want, get in edit mode, and in the edit buttons, in the UV faces dialog. Make sure you have one face selected (select in face select mode). Enable collision thingy. If it’s enabled, then something else’s happening. Then hit Control + C and select copy mode. That should work.

the reason i said thx that helped alot cause my friend showed me that then i forgot were it was(oh yea english is not my first language Itallian is)

where the collision enabler thing

Interesting. Mine is Spanish. Pretty much the same… I’ve been 3 years learning English.
Get in the edit buttons (Box thing with 4 yellow dots), NOW I remember a wonderful addition to v2.46. You need a texture to do this. You can send me the .blend…

but im using 2.45…i don’t like 2.46…Its harder than 2.45 cause all the new stuff added

i well post in morning when i wake up if i can (my bro just messed up the gun and now it looks horrible plz don’t mock me about it)

Are you using dLoc? I think using dLoc could cause you to go through walls. You could try linV instead.

half the time when i use linev nothing happens.also on my rifle i made when i shoot it shoots the bullets on its side