Problem with plane

hi guys. i m happy being with you here.
im a noob with all that called blender and im trying to do a 3d project with roads,buildings and trees. i ve seen many tutorials.

the problem is with the roads. I thought that a plane could do the job.
So, i do a plane i move the verts in the position i want. i select one edge and i delete it. Then i select one vert of the deleted edge and pressing cntr+lclik mouse i make verts. And there is the problem! I select the 2 verts i want to make an edge and i press f. The edge is created BUT the plane is not solid! i cant put a texture on it…i also tried this at the beginning of creating a plane.For example made a plane,deleted one edge and when i select the 2 verts to make that edge again,the edge is done but the plane its not solid…
and all this because the roads have turns and crossroads.

Please can anyone explaine me what im not doing right??

thank you very much.
im using 2.48 version.

This happens because you can have edges without a face attached to them. To fix it, all you have to do is select 2 edges opposite one another (or all four, if you like) and hit F again. This will create a new face, and problem solved.


Hi Blasphemous

A plane must have 3 or 4 verts only you can’t have an N-gon plane if you have selected 3 verts then press the ‘F’ key it will create a triangle face if you have 4 verts selected then hit ‘F’ it will create a quad face. With only 2 verts selected as you found it will create an edge

Hope it helps

guys thnx for responding so quick. i think i found it.
both of you are right so i make now all the edges one by one…then select all, f ->auto and i have a stupid solid road!!

ooo im soo happy…i also didnt smash my pc :stuck_out_tongue:

thnx a lot again :slight_smile: