problem with play action

hey i got a problem with my action-logic-brick in the Game Engine. i need to record an animatiion. an object has to play a smooth forward animation with is keyframed by an empty object. so the object with should move gets an action logic brick, set it to play and insert the keyframed action of the empty. now when i simulate normal with only these two object its good and smooth, but if i simulae with alll the other objects in the scene (300 rigid bodys :yes: ) it gets recorded laggy, it makes liitle “jumps” and looks ugly. it gets even worse if i turn up the substeps
i can attach my .blend file if realy needed, beacause its huge
hope you can help

Turn on “Show framerate and profile” under the Game menu (top menu) and run it, tell me what percentage the physics takes up, and what your framerate is. Depending on what sort of collisions your rigid bodies are set to, you could be overloading your pc with collision calculations.

if i have 1 substep its 17 fps lowest and 87% physics highest
with 5 substeps its 4.3 fps lowest and 94 % physics highest

i think there isnst anything to do about it anymore, its a blender-thing

Yes, you are overloading Blender with collisions, I’m not sure if there is a way to fix or improve that, someone more knowledgeable than I would have to chime in on that.

As a guess, try lowering the FPS of the game to match the FPS you’re getting with 1 physics substeps (or the FPS you’re getting with 5 physics substeps). This way, rather than the game struggling to run at 60 FPS, it will aim for what it can hit successfully - 17 FPS. It might record the physics slower, but it should be smooth, at least.