Problem with Playing Blood(fluid) simulation

Hi, all

I have baked a blood flow simulation in scene2. Now, when switch scene1 to scene2, I want play this blood flow simulation automaticaly. Problem is this simulation cannot play correctly.
Attached please find the .blender file I made.

Thank you all guys~~:D


BLOOD.blend (152 KB)

At the same time, Do you have any idea about HOW TO PLAY BLOOD FLOW SIMULATION IN GAME ENGINE?

Fluid Simulations are not supported by the BGE.

So, how can i show blood or fluid flow visual effection in Game?

Use objects on a path? An animated texture? How detailed does the fluid simulation need to be?

Uploaded this just for you. ;}
It looks poor, but maybe it can be done in a betterlooking Way. Description on the Videopage. (It runs much faster and more fluent without Screenrecording, by the Way.)

I have made a hand and a knife in blender. After cutting hand controlling a knife, I want to show a blood effection. This is not a video. It is done in BGE. So is there any way to achieve this?

Here is the .blend for the Video that I have posted:
liquid_mororless01.blend (1.7 MB)
Everything about it is pretty simple, actually. :slight_smile:

@C.A.ligari - That eats FPS like it was made for breakfast, but it works. Nice effect.
@gangwu6 - Seems like you could just have dripping ovals that, when contacting the ground, create flat ovals on the ground - no need to have actual fluid physics. Unless it’s significantly more liquid than that. :I

Fluid simulation is a bit overhead for this little bit of liquid.

I suggest to emit flat planes with a blood texture (search for bullet hole).