Problem with png with alpha , strange border.

i got this png , i cutted the edges of the guy in the photo , in gimp it looks fine , but when i render it in blender i get some ugly edges , like if it had aliasing , but it doesnt , in the picture below you can see the image in gimp and in blender , i even did a gaussian blur , on the borders but i still get the same results.

In blender i use the ztransp option , i put the alpha all the way down , and i use the map to option to alpha.
Do you know whatcan be the problem ?

Could you try the png image below and tell me if you get the same problem ?


the outline issue that the alpha values are already pre-multiplied. Enable that option in Blender so that they are not multiplied again, and the outline goes away. Look for an A button or PreMul option, depending on where you are and what you are doing in Blender.

Be sure to enable the UseAlpha button in the texture buttons window (F6), Map Image panel. In case you use the svn version of Blender or 2.46rc, you might also need to check the Premul button in the Image tab.

Edit: Haha PapaSmurf, you typed faster. :slight_smile:

yep , it works ! thanx 8D