problem with PNGs and Jpegs

Hi. In my work, I prefer PNGs over Jpegs. PNGs are lossless, they support an Alpha channel, and they are often smaller than my Jpegs. I made a very large starfield and saved it as a PNG. I brought it into Blender and everything was fine. After a suggestion, I made the stars larger to fix another problem. When I re-did the starfield, Blender either crashes or does nothing but show black with it. When I saved it as a Jpeg, the filesize was bigger, but it accepted it just fine. I was wondering what might be wrong. It is not a huge problem at the moment, but it might be someday when I need to have an Alpha channel.


You’re using Blender 2.36, right?

Did you increase the size of the image or just the size of the stars in the image?

I don’t know anything about Blender having issues with PNGs, but if you’re on Windows, try getting Irfanview – . You might have saved your image as a different file type with the extension .png; Irfanview will tell you if that is the case.


Yes, I am using 2.36, and I am sure it is the right type. I just made the stars larger, the actual image dimensions stayed the same. I use Photoshop, so I do not have to type .jpg or whatever after the image name. I just select the image type from the dropdown and hit Save.


I already had some problem with blender (crashes…) and images, but I’m not sure it’s the same as your problem.

It was for UV-mapped object. I had a rather large image, (a 3000*4000px .jpg, or something like that) , that was packed in the .blend file.
I wanted to change it with a new one (also a large image) and in the UV/image editor I choosed “Image>Replace” … this caused blender to ‘freeze’ for a few seconds, and then it crashes.
But if I unpacked the data from the .blend, and then choose “image>open” it worked fine.

So, as you said you changed your image, I thought that maybe blender have some difficulties to handle new images to replace old ones, or something, and that it has nothing to do with the image type.