problem with posing in 2.61

hi all. first off, i downloaded a human mesh from blend swap and after watching a tut on how to apply armature, i added the bones and linked them to the mesh.

now, when i go into pose mode and try to move a part of the body it indicates the selected bone, but dosent move the mesh or armature. where ever i move the mouse on screen, the mesh and armature just sit there.

one other thing if i click Auto IK, it will move the armature, but the mesh deforms and goes every where… whats going on!??

One common problem I see when this happens is the ‘manipulate center points’ is turned on. In the 3d view header, to the left of the 3d manipulator controls is a box that has an icon of 3 dots over an arrow that points left and right, make sure that is turned off.


ok, ive done that and now i can move the armature without auto IK but the mesh still deforms and goes every where…:frowning:

Could be weight painting issues, could be multiple armature modifiers. Post a blend