Problem with posts not being marked "unread"

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I have noticed that some threads that have been updated since I last viewed the thread are not marked “unread”. In fact, earlier this morning I opened up the forum, and no forums/thread showed unread posts. But judging by the time of last post, there were plenty in almost all the forums. Any idea what may be causing this?

I’m using WinXP and IE6. I am not using a proxy server.


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It happened also to me, sometimes while I was reading a post, all threads becomes ‘read’

I was using Netscape 6.2 at the moment (Now 7.0 :slight_smile: ) but it is a long time this does not happen any more.

Did you did your logout correctly the day before?

Did you remained for long in the state of reading/posting without doing anything?

Do you use cookies or sessions?


P.S. these questions are only to pretend that I have an idea of why this happened, which, of course, is false…

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lol. I tend to get up and walk away, or switch windows a lot rather than sit down and do one thing at a time. I’m not going to sit doing nothing while posting, but probably while reading.


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do the logout correctly, otherwise phpBB may think you are still active…

I don’t really thing sessions/cookies makes any difference, but cookies have
longer expiration times, so if you don’t log out…

Last question was because this nevcer happened to me whyle on the forum main page or forum list, but only whhile reading a post… so…