Problem with proportions

Hi all,

I’m trying to model a human face based off front and side ref images that I took of my stepdad. I’m starting with the nose, as this one tutorial I found advises, but I keep running to this proportionality problem:

Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong? Is my modeling messed up, or are the pictures themselves messed up? Or does my subject just have freaky proportions?


the picture to the left is scaled bigger than the one on the right

…and the camera was too close when the pictures were taken causing perspective issues.

Taking reference photos from small distance isn’t the best idea. Instead, go out, ideally if the sun is behind clouds and take photographs at max zoom. This helps to eliminate barrel distortion. You dint need full resulution for ref. photos, it doesn’t matter if the head takes smaller area, the purpose is to show the shape, not details.

google “Eric Maslowski tutorial” for an excellent video series on modeling the human head. It includes everything from setting up perfect reference photos, to modeling the head, to texturing.