Problem with proxy armature

my steps:

  1. Group mesh with armature
  2. Cntrl+N - new file
  3. File - link - select my group
  4. cntrl+alt+p - make my armature proxy

well, i can manipulate my bones in the pose mode. I make some moves, change pose, but when i press cntrl+z to undo last step, my sceleton comes in the original position… it is undo all my manipulations with bons. Is it some kind of bug, or it is my fault?

Well, the problem is solved. I`ve marked layers with bones in Protected layers panel, but this did not have to do. But i still can’t understand what does this layers mean? If anybody knows it, pls explain me:eek:

not entirely sure what you are asking, but in your question you wrote you are typing control z, surely you should be using alt g, alt r, or alt s to reset any changes to bone transformations etc??

Sory 4 my english. The problem was that when you press cntrl + z your proxy armature reset all tranformation (like u press alt+R,S,G) rather than to undo last transformation. I found that the reason of this - marked layers with bones in Protected Layers panel. If u diselect it - everything works fine. So i asked about this Protected Layers. Why they are needed?

oh i see what you mean, I’m afraid I’m not quite sure myself, I’ll look it up…

I remembered this thread where the issue wasn’t really solved. We should have reported this as a bug last summer.

Ton fixed this problem today. He’s asking for testing and input. Now’s a good time to report any other issues.

Revision : 53762
Author : Ton Roosendaal (ton)


Using Proxy Armature on groups: an Undo now doesn’t force a complete re-evalution
of this system anymore, so posing works similar as for regular (non linked)
armatures - an undo step goes back to the previous pose.

Before, an undo made the entire armature go to rest pose. Bad bad :slight_smile:

I need animators to carefully check - report back if there’s other issues!
Tested on Gilga character from Tube Open Movie.

@RailroadBill: The protected layers are used to restrict what can be accessed/changed in the linked proxy.