problem with QKEY

Thank to your last replies, I’ve solved the
problem about caps in the new makehuman
interface (a console). Now I’ve a strange problem
only with QKEY.

If I hit any key without SHIFTKEY pressed, it’s OK:

if I press all other buttons (but not QKEY) with
SHIFTKEY pressed it’s OK:

but if I use the SHIFT+QKEY, to print “Q”,
python script exit.

I try using the CTRLKEY instead SHIFTKEY,
but the result is the same: i can’t print the caps Q
because the CTRL+QKEY quit the script.

Do you know a command to “deactivate” the
quit with SHIFT+Q or CTRL+Q ?

If you use dir(Blender.Draw), you have a notice about
a strange key event, like QFULL and Q_FIRSTTIME. I must
use this instead QKEY?

This is a portion of code used:

def event(evt, val):

	global shift_pressed

	if (evt >= AKEY and evt <= ZKEY and val and not shift_pressed): 
		evalut.setOutput(evalut.getOutput()+chr(evt)); Draw(); 
	if (evt >= AKEY and evt <= ZKEY and val and shift_pressed): 
		evalut.setOutput(evalut.getOutput()+chr(evt-32)); Draw()
	if (evt >= ZEROKEY and evt <= NINEKEY and val): 
		evalut.setOutput(evalut.getOutput()+chr(evt)); Draw()



I don’t think you can prevent the script from exiting and the QFULL and Q_FIRSTTIME events don’t have anything to do with the Q key, they might actually not be used at all. I think it might have something to do with GLX maybe (SGI), but I wouldn’t really know.


My english is poor to permit me to talk with the blenderheads…
can anyone ask about this problem?
Only CTRL-Q is sufficient to escape… the SHIFT-Q can be