Problem with quality while and after rendering

Hi all,

im just a blender noob and noticed something strange while rendering and i cant figure out whats wrong. When i press F12 i see some parts of the picture wich seem pretty nice to me from color and stuff, but after rendering it seems the pic lost this quality.

I attached a picture of the rendering process… the part on top is the “better quality” i see first for every piece, the lower one is the following part and so looks the final image all over.

Can someone shed light on me?

Sorry for my bad english.


There’s no problem here it’s just how the renderer works, the part(s) while rendering will usually appear a little darker then it really is.

oh well :wink: doing

try to turn of Gamma button

oh thank you very much, this worked. :slight_smile: thanks

I never even knew about what would happen if you turned off the gamma button. Though I keep it on because on AO renders it makes things look more realistic while off I can see can help enhance color.