Problem with radiosity

Hi everyone.
I’ve been making a model of my foot recently, but have been having a little trouble with radiosity. I made the mesh very detailed so that I could scupt lines, cracks, blemishes, etc. on the foot, and it looks pretty good.

My problem is that, when I render the image, there is a lot of what looks like noise on the foot. I think that the problem is caused by my radiosity settings because, when I raise the value of “Hemires” (in the radiosity toolbar) the noise becomes less visible. However, even with Hemires set at its max, the problem still remains.

Below are two images. The first image is a radiosity calculation with the Hemires bar set at halfway. The second image is a radiosity calculation with the Hemires at their maximum value. While the noise looks very diminished in the second image, it still has a very strong effect on the actual render.

Anyway, I still don’t know that much about radiosity. Is there a setting somewhere that can help me with my problem?



You could try using meshes with less subdivision. After a certain point the faces become too small to receive much or any light during the calculation.