Problem with radosity

I have a little problem with radiosity. I’ve been following a tutorial here.

I follow the instructions on how to do prsicely, but when I press “go” the levels mesh just goes black. Once I’ve managed to get it working, (seeing the faces of the level get calculated really fast and surrounded by blue squares as it goes) but I don’t know how. When I did the same again it just went black. I’ve never touched radiosity before and know nothing about it.

Might it have something to do with any new version of Blender? I’ve had the 2.44, the 2.45 and the 2.47. (downloaded very recently) I’d be glad if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong.

I have also followed the “Simple AI” tutorial (made the first 4 and just read the rest) and thought of combining these two to a game. Thinking of that most people don’t make complete games I thought it would be fun as I already have a map.

PS. Talking about games, how do you make that thing so the camera like moves smothly with the object, as for an example a car when you turn.

“radiosity” works in all versions, I guess?!
Remember to set “emit” to at least “0.100” for the material(s)/objects (planes?) that will “light” the scene!
And to select all the objects that should be “lighted” before pressing the “collect meshes” button!
About the camera…it’s probably the “Camera Actuator”?!

Thanks for the answer!
When I was writing the first version of this post (which was never posted) I wrote some random questions that I just thought of, (the first: “Can it have something with materials to do?”) but I got a big clue when I wrote “Should I select the emitter plane”. It just hit me, how could it work otherwise if you as you tell can do it many times if you don’t define which emitter should be used.

Thanks for that! :smiley: Even though you didn’t directly answer my question, you made me find it out myself! And for the camera-thing, I’ve been wondering that for very long, so thanks twice! (though you might think of mentioning that you have to select the emitter plane in the tutorial, and you’ll probably have less people making these kinds of threads)

Now when I know this I can really get going with the game and I’ll post a link here as fast as it’s done!

PS. Hope you don’t mind if I use the textures from the tutorial…

Edit: I just thought that I might add streetlights that should suply the light, so it’ll be a dark nightlevel!
I really enjoyed your tutorial! Though you said that using lights is a “waste of processorpower”, but isn’t it worse than subdividing the whole map many times? Just wondering…