Problem with rating threads

Anyone else having problems with the rating system?

Last week I gave alt_ligury’s racing game 5 stars.

The stars still haven’t shown up. (If I try to rate it now, it says I’ve already voted.)


wrong forum?

Probably should go in the… support forum? I’m not sure.

But the rating system doesn’t give somebody the stars right away… I believe it needs a certain number of votes before it will give a rating (maybe like 5-10 votes?)


I think it’s 3 votes, which is the minimum number I see in the Finished Projects forum.

Otherwise someone could rate all the beginner works 5 stars and a sadist could rate all the work from Blender pros like Endi and @ndy 1 star and it would show if his was the only vote.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it.:yes: