Problem with recovered file

Okay, so I playing around with the fluid simulation and accidently set the inflow velocities really high. Eventually, it became obvious it was going to finish the preview only after a very long time (if ever) so I killed the Blender process with task manager and restarted. Attempting to recover the last last session brought up a really old version of my file. I had also not saved some of the latest changes so I tried to recover the auto saved file (which I have set to 1 per minute) and that also failed. It attempted to recover a really old auto save file. In anycase, I went into the Documents and settings/User/Local Settings/ directory and recovered the one and only auto saved file which was actually up to date. The only reason I know Blender was trying to recovere an incorrect autosave file is because I am assuming they are named consecutively and the difference between the file in the directory and file Blender was trying to load was probably around 200.

Anyway this is my problem. I opened the temp saved file and renamed it etc. The problem is with this new file, I cant select anything with the left mouse button. I usually use the LMB to select things and this was immedietly broken when I opened it. Switching the select mechanism to the RMB works fine. This is the output I get in the header of the 3dview window when clicking anywhere with the LMB:

Dx: -1.#IND Dy: -1.#IND Dz: -1.#IND (-1.#IND)

In addition to that I think there is something else wrong with this recovered file. I can’t quite put my finger on it but things seem a little off in specific interactions that I can’t remember right now (woot, 30 hours awake so far). Also, I know that the performance of Blender is also somewhat negatively effected. Changing the Blender window size from Maximized render the screen black until I hover the mouse over a each section at which it actually renders. I’m guessing something to do with OpenGL.

Anyway, it’s really not all that big a deal. I still have a fairly recent version so I can restart from there. The main purpose of the this post is to just get some info on this and resolve the issue for future reference as we’ve switching all operations to Blender so just trying to get a complete understanding of the program, errors included (code too, soon :] ).