Problem with render animation in Blender 2.8 : black screen

Hello all Blender users and fans. I am currentyl using Blender for adding animation to video editing. With Blender 2.8 I have got problem to render animation. In the main view I have added a background picture (Add → Image → Background) and after a more little picture which is a simple circle (Add → Image → Background). I have animated this picture with keyframes to move from left to right as you can see on this picture of my screen :

When I wanted to make a render on the animation as a video first Blender when suddenly crashing. It was because of the render engine which was checked on Eevee by default :

After I have changed the render engine to Workbench or Cycles Blender doesn’t crash when I render the video but this video is now rendered as a black screen ! I have changed the parameters of Workbench and the video render has changed from a black screen to a grey screen but of course my animation is not rendered.

And now I don’t know what to do. I had never this problem of black screen or crash with Blender 2.79. That’s why I suppose this is a problem with parameters of the Render Engine. If somebody could help me or a at least recommend me a way to find a solution I would be very very grateful.

Why do you add a second background image? The circle should be an object. Your render was black, because you have no light.


The problem is because, you have probably dropped the images in blender, and you can use them as reference images, but if you look at the object created you will see that it’s an empty and that’s why its not rendered.

To solve this, (maybe there’s another way of doing it, as I’m a newbie), but you can import the pictures as planes, and those will be rendered.

I created a blend file with an example similar to yours and a video showing that it works too.

You can download them from here:


Thanks you very much Kote. I suppose you have rendered it with Eevee render engine because when I try to open your blender file … Blender crahses again.
But don’t worry. I will come back to Blender 2.79 to make my animations. And this problem will be solved.
Thanks you very much for your help. :slight_smile:


I placed in the same link the file using cycles, which I also checked that it worked too.

Hope it does not crash.

If it crashes, I can make a small video showing how I add the images as planes, etc

Here is the video I made showing in 2.8 how I made what you want to do.

If you do not have the option to import images as planes, you need to add it in preferences->adding

Thanks you Koteinside ! Really really Thanks you ! I will test the solution you have showed on your video.

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