Problem with rendering a multilayer material

(BnTheMan) #1

I have downloaded the muiltilayer painting/udim addon, and after painting on the object, it does not render in the preview render mode. I can set my shading to Material, and all painted layers are visible, but I do not see it when I switch to render. Did I skip something, or is this a bug?

(m9105826) #2

This isn’t really the place for this question, especially considering that you haven’t even specified which add-on you’re using.

(BnTheMan) #3

I apologize for the confusion, but I have mentioned the name of the addon in my first sentence.

I have downloaded the muiltilayer painting/udim addon, …

as for my post being in the wrong place, I would think this would be the best choice, as it is an addon that has been already released. Otherwise, the next best thing I believe would fit for this question would be in the “python support” board, but this is not my script, and I am not intending to make my own fixes for needing help with python. If you have a better choice, I would love to know, so that I could ask in the correct board.

(m9105826) #4

There are several multilayer and UDIM painting add-ons. Your best bet for support is to contact the add-on developer or to try to find its announcement thread, as this forum section is for people who are releasing add-ons.