Problem With Rendering Animations

Well I animated something in Blender, and I clicked “ANIM” in the Rendering windows section. And it started rendering each frame like it’s supposed to, then after it was done, I clicked “Play” below the ANIM button and it showed the video of the animation working perfectly.

Under the Format windows, I have it set to AVI Raw, so it’ll make the AVI file so I can look at it whenever I want to. But it never saved the file for me to view outside of Blender. So how do I make it save the video file? I know how to save Still Rendered images in Blender, but this is the first time I tried a animation video from it.

If you select avi.raw and then click ANIM, the full animation should be output to an .avi file in your /tmp directory (by default, you can change this).

A bit of a warning, though. Avi raw files are very, very big. You’re much better off using a compressed avi format. Even relatively short raw files can get so big that they become hard to play on a computer.

Ok, thank you I’ll look in the /tmp directory when I render the animation again.

How can I change the folder it saves to?

Change that in the top field of the Output tab in the Render buttons area.

Ok, thank you for all your help.

Also note that there are two basic animation-rendering options: - Render to a single file which contains the animation. - Render each frame to a separate file.
“It’s just me, but…” I do prefer to render to individual files since it means that I don’t have to start-over from scratch if Blender or my computer decides to seize up. But when you do that, you need to be aware that the animation-playback logic is looking for individual files by-name and it will play back whatever is there. If you change the animation in some way (particularly if you shorten it…) you must be sure to delete any “extra” files.

Some systems also erase “/tmp” when you log in…