Problem with rendering halos

I’m currently working on a scene that I want to render in Yafray, because I’m using a lot of glassy objects. I also need a few halos to complete my scene, but Yafray apparently doesn’t do halos.
I have been told it can render them, but with lower intensity than the Blender internal, unless the intensity is turned very high. How can I do this? Is there another method anyone can suggest for this kind of scene?

hi! well, i think yafray can’t render halos as a material, instead you might use a volumetric light to reach your goal. it can be done by adding a “spot lamp” and enabling the halo button, i made this halo, directing the lamp right to the front of my camera… NOTE: yafray only render volumetric light if there’s a mesh behind it… i hope this help you otherwise you can always use Photoshop to do that halos!!!


you could render the non-halos using yafray to an image sequence, and then composite that sequence with a blender halo scene/renderlayer using a mix node to get the same effect, except that light from the halo won’t be known by yafray except for the lights that daniel mentioned.