problem with rendering mesh

i am unsure how this coudl’ve came to be, i have been attemting to use the render view to see how my mesh would look, but the result was just blank gray. i dont understand why this happened. i tried moving over to the rendering menu to try to render it, but it was still gray. i’m confused. what do i do? plz

In the outliner window have you disabled object renderability (camera icon) ?
In Object / Duplication have you set it to something other than None ?

Upload blend file to and tell us the download link

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My initial guess is that you don’t have the Three Magic Ingredients:

  • A visible object.
  • A camera that is pointed at the object.
  • A light-source that can illuminate the object.

Try flipping any window to Camera View and see if that view shows up … empty. I’ll bet that it does.

(The “gray” could be a World color.)

It’s useful to select the camera (object data) and tell it to “show limits.” Ditto for the lights. This will show you the limits of what the camera “sees.”

Also, always remember this: even though Blender strives to let you create “real” things, in the end “it’s all fake.” “It’s all a computer program.” Which means that, yeah, Blender can be just-as-stupid as any computer program (and, any computer …) can be, because:

“In the end, a computer only knows two things: 1 and 0. Plan Accordingly.”

Yes, you will from time to time have to quite-literally debug(!) what inputs you have given to this computer-program, in light of what the aforesaid computer-program has (“erroneously,” to you, yet nonetheless “accurately”) given to you as its outputs​. (In this case, “a gray screen.”)

(I say this from the point-of-view of a professional computer programmer. Yes, “ones and zeroes” have been my mostly-friendly adversary for thirty-something years. I’m only slightly crazy… and if you don’t believe me, ask my petunia. :yes: )

Is there any possibility that you did not use the right rendering modes, like Arnold, Maya, 3ds max etc. Hope you resolve the problem you mentioned soon.

here is the link to the file

If you read my original post.

Select the armature
In the Duplication settings change it back to the default ‘None’