Problem with Rendering time with cycles blender 2.75

Hello all,

I’m a new here and blender. So my skills are not high.
Maybe some1 asked the same question before, but I didn’t find it. I’ve got two different scenes
The first got about 9 million tris and the second got only 90k tris. The first took me with clamp settings etc with 1000 samples and a very high resolution about 6 hours. But the second image took with the same settings the same time.
Maybe I did a critical mistake and didn’t see it. I’m sorry for my bad english. Hope I didn’t forget anything. Thank for your support.

first rendering

second rendering

What is your question ?

9 million tris and the second got only 90k tris.
Render time is not dependant purely on poly count. If the 9 M poly took 6 hrs does not mean a totally different scene with totally different lighting with totally different materials will take 1/100th the time to render

Thank you for your reply! I thought polycount is the first thing, when it comes to rendering time. So the lighting and the materials have a higher impact on the rendering time?

Thank you very much for reply! I didn’t know that the lighting and materials got a higher impact than the polycount. Good to know for the future! Ty very much!!!

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