problem with rendering

hi guys :slight_smile: ive been toying around with blender for a few weeks now and i know enought funtions to make some cool figures. but this recent project: albert einstein somehow has a rendering problem
im using particles to make his hair and when i render him all i see in the render is his hair
no head to be seen

anyone know what this is?
-cheers trashx

well, if you can see his head mesh in the 3D view, then it might be that the RenderLayer is not rendering it. Check the RenderLayer tab in the Render buttons and make sure all the layer buttons are clicked (dark green).

In the Partices Tab, make sure “Mesh” is selected- which renders the mesh along with the particles.

the mesh did the trick thanks:D

No Problem!

If you’re up to date you should be using 2.46 RC3/RC4 and the button in 2.46 is Emitter. And if you’re making Albert Einstein and you want to comb his hair werirdly you should get 2.46.

Heh heh I had 2.46 at the time, but I thought the button was still “Mesh”. Now it is called emitter. Sorry, I don’t like messing around with particles if I don’t have to, but it is very powerful.

(And I seriously need a tutorial on it!)