Problem with repeating brush stokes in Texture Paint

Hello everyone. I am new to Blender 3.0 and i try to paint on a mesh with texture paint, but the stroke gets repeat on my mesh / texture.

When I change to Texture Paint and start painting on the texture, the stokes are repeated:

So I tried to change the value in the ImageTexture from repeated to one of the the 2 options (Extend or Clip). Now I can see only one brush stroke, but I have also a wired Texture .

How can I solve this problem? What should I search for in Google ( Keywords, ect…)

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

The problem is that your uv’s are not covering all the surface and repeat after that point

like in this example it goes over the map zone then repeat.

that’s because you have scale your texture in the mapping node by 3.3

Thank you skuax !! Can I ask you another question? Becs now i set the scale to 1 and used to scale the UV directly in the UV editor. I don’t have any double stokes anymore, but now i have a problem to get “position + scale” correct.
In this screenshot you can see, that I have to move the UV around to get the paint / stoke in the exact spot I want (After apply scale via Cntrl+A in object mode). Is my workflow the correct one? Or should I do the texturing in a different way?

How is it possible to “fix” the texture correctly so I can paint without hassle ? Thx again for your feedback ! :slight_smile:

Edit: Or do someone know a good tutorial I can follow?

Can you post a picture on your material node, especially the mapping part…
it seems that there is an offset in it…

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i don’t watch tutorials really often… and most of the time not for basic stuffs, so i ll have no advises for this kind of info

dont put any number in your mapping node or bypass it

Hello Skuax, here is a screenshot from my Material. Dont know if this matters, but I imported from Quixel Bridge. The Bake Image I added yesterday to try to fix this issue and was not a part of the Quixel Bridge Image.

Thank you again and sorry for this kind of basic question, but just dont know how to fix this. All the Texture paint and re-size Image tutorials do not explain such an issue. :slight_smile:

you have got an offset of -0.11 on your x location so your object is textured less 11 percent of the image on the left side. (mapping node)

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Thx Skuax, sorry for the basic question, but you helped me a lot.

what you have to understand in texture coordinates is that they are expressed in between 0 and 1 on x and y axis for UV texture. that mean that your “vertex position” on this texture if it’s placed on the most right side of the image will be 1.(whatever texture resolution you have in pixel)
adding something in the mapping node position will add or subtract this number to the coordinates. so all your uvs are sliding left or right if it is x position.

and because your texture is “looping” when you go over 1 or before zero. it’ll substract 1 or add to your new coords to replace it over the map.

PS: tickle solved under the post that solved your problem if you think that is the answer.

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