Problem with Replacing Mesh

I’m messing around with UPBGE and making a little game, and I’ve come across a problem. When the player touches an item, I want the mesh of the character to be replaced. It does this, but the collision does not change with the mesh. I have both Phys and Gfx selected to be replaced, but yet it still does not change.

Here’s the .blend file: MarioGame.blend (824.1 KB)

Not sure if you still have the issue, but I’ll answer anyways.
I don’t know of any way to replace the collision mesh, but there’s an equivalent workaround. Just add in the object you want to replace it with, and delete the existing one.
MarioGame.blend (826.7 KB)

in upbge use a empty collision shape / compound root object - parent child shapes to it to give it collision.

this way you can remove parent / change the object -> reparent

Which build made this possible? I remember trying it sometime last year, to no avail.